Please note that massage is not a replacement for veterinary care.  Veterinary care is critical to your animal's health, and your vet should always be consulted first. 

Dogs with cancer, fever, acute illness or injury, open wounds and any serious medical condition should be cleared by a veterinarian before any massage is performed.

Dawn is EXCELLENT. She has a gift of healing hands. She recently gave my senior Labrador, Precious a massage. I can't believe the difference in my dog. She clearly was in a lot of pain and had trouble walking before but her body language and attitude after, was night and day different. Not only do I want her to continue to see Precious but I want her to work on my other two younger dogs as well.


Heather J.

"Snyder has pretty bad arthritis that we have been treating with meds but lately the meds don't seem to do the trick. His back legs are pretty weak. Dawn who was recently certified in K9 massage spent some time massaging him today and it makes such a difference for him! I love seeing him less stiff and moving around better! Thanks Dawn!


Erin K


Dogs can benefit from massage just like humans.  Think of how much better you feel after a massage!  I can provide those same benefits for your dog.

Deep tissue massage increases circulation, releases spasms, relaxes, aids healing, reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes emotional well being.

Dogs who can benefit from massage include those with muscle and joint problems, injuries, post surgery, under severe emotional stress, older dogs, growing puppies, and dog athletes.




I prefer to come to your house to massage your dog because they can usually relax there much faster.  The first few visits will be longer or shorter until the dog is comfortable with me and massage.  After that massages are typically about 45 minutes to an hour.


Price... $40


For greater than a 30 mile round trip, an additional 50 cents per mile is charged.

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